Xeropan – The Solution To Language Learning


Ingrained methods of language learning are becoming less and less suitable for people’s changing lifestyles and way of thinking. Having realised this, Xeropan went against the grain and made language learning approachable, fun and engaging. They made it a social experience available anytime and anywhere. Today’s education system generally requires separate books, workbooks, audio and…

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Daily Vocab


You must have heard of an old adage “A picture says a thousand words“. But at Daily Vocab “A picture will say only 1 word which you will remember for 1000 years” Daily Vocab is a place where memes teach word power and you learn words like a Boss. We help you to learn new…

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What To Do After An Interview


Interview is particularly the start of professional life for the students. They often don’t know in the beginning what to do after an interview. I, myself faced the situation at the start of my professional life that what should I do after the interview. Through my experience I have come to know some facts that…

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