3 Steps To Write Summaries


Reaction papers and summaries are quite common in high schools. Students had to write a lot of such things, for multiple subjects, throughout their school life. Since subjects are different, they have their own requirements. Sometimes, it gets tough for the students to come up with the proper piece of writing. They tend to get…

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Pourquoi Faire Un Bts Nrc En Choisissant L’alternance


Introduction Les BTS sont des formations courtes (deux ans) à visée professionnalisante. Cela signifie qu’après deux ans études, l’étudiant devient titulaire de son diplôme et peut se lancer sur le marché du travail avec un solide bagage. Lorsque le BTS a été réalisé en alternance, l’étudiant possède déjà deux années d’expérience professionnelle qui valorisent son…

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Understanding The Nature Behind Career Colleges


In the twentieth century, the colleges were divided into two different categories. The first form of colleges offered four-year college degrees and the second one offered small diplomas in certain technical skills. The colleges who offered small diplomas were named as apprentice schools, or trade schools, and the students would join it to master a…

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Coursera Partnering Peking University For A Series Of Job Training Online Courses


Peking University recently started a number of online college courses, mostly focused on programming, on Coursera. It is a series of six online college courses by the name “Fundamentals of Programming and Algorithms Specialization;” it is also the first group of online college classes specifically developed for Coursera by a Chinese university. Students will have…

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